Chris is a dark horse in many ways but still one to bet on. A vibrant soul with a fierce but loyal heart, he is the epitome of the travelling minstrel.


Sharp eyed and careful, he is almost too free a spirit to be any kind of affiliate to anything.


But we love him for the one he loves and for his own good self. The entire Art Collective circle are proud to know him and have him as a friend. 

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With the support of the delightful Sunny - an extraordinary Cellist, and the inimitable ‘Anna The Unicorn’ on Cajon and Backing Vocals he opened the second ‘Live At The Lodge’ night and blew everyone away... quite literally in the case of the poor souls who were unprepared for his sung rendition of a Glaswegian tramp’s experience of life, who were completely overcome and had to leave. 

Together with the above and with the addition of Doug - an Upright but not uptight Bass player - Chris as Lead Vocalist and his guitar and his pals can be found playing under the name: "A Different Name Every Night," in and about Edinburgh. Keep your eyes peeled or better yet, get hold of him and ask him to play! 

He is a mischievous archetype with a poetic spirit who writes songs of cutting social comment, of mythological icons and the intoxication of the soul that true love brings. He is also a potent and budding novelist, white-water rafting the fast flowing river of his creativity and ever honing his intended mastership of the spoken word.

His mind and body vibrate with a constant hum of creativity, unless of course he is asleep on the sofa...

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