Hi there, people of the internet! I'm Mei Lian Fang (that's Mei for short).  When I'm not making loud, low frequency sounds, as a Bass player I also delight in other tones - I moonlight in poetry. Every once in a blue moon, I'll even perform some! 

I'd always wanted to pursue a career in the arts and with a graduate career that took me straight into project co-ordinating for the classical and jazz side of

music with a record company, it was a natural progression to want to embark on my own journey as a performer.

I have been a dedicated practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan for many years and have recently taken my first but exciting steps toward becoming an instructor - something I look forward to deepening and exploring in all it's myriad levels and potentials as time goes on. My hope and intention is to host Tai Chi events using the Lodge Collective space in collaboration with Practical Tai Chi Scotland, with whom I have a deep and long standing relationship. 


As a poet, I've been writing for as long as I've known how. Poetry was my means of understanding myself and the world around me, all through my adolescence, and continues to be a vital force for self-knowledge and self-expression.



There is a fragile beauty

That rises like the dawn
Of the first sun to touch on uncharted climes
May every up-turned open bud
Every star-burst of new life
Call you by your own souls' name back to your own heart
At last, triumphant - 
Like a long lost friend 
Who finally knows from whence you came.

 Mei Lian Fang © 2019