Erotique Diabolique is a cutting edge, underground stage performance encompassing the spectrum of sexuality. 

Beautiful and sometimes disturbing vignettes, windows into the creative minds and fantasies of individuals and authors with a fearless love of art.

Erotique Diabolique merged.jpg

In the seventies there was the extraordinary theatre of ‘Oh Calcutta!’, by Kenneth Tynan, but today, how far have we evolved in our acceptance of the avante-garde? 

Where sex is the main concern of art or literature it is still viewed with suspicion - or worse, expressed with lower motive and lower sincerity. Skilled artistry and also humour is becoming more common in the realm of burlesque, but what of the darker side of our psyches? Where is its arena of expression? 

If you have been lucky enough to bear witness to the extraordinarily moving collection of specifically female-authored and female-inspired divine madness that is Erotique Diabolique, then you know the answer. 

The Lodge Arts Collective are fortunate to be affiliated with the initial creative source together with some original cast members. When the time is right, this piece will be reborn...