Vee has a mind like a razorblade and a heart like a mountain. Her searing and accurate insights into the subtleties of the psyche combine with a oceanic gentleness of spirit and greatness of soul. 

She is solidly grounded without being staid, with a wit & humour to lighten the darkest day.


If you are troubled by the tectonic rumblings of the unresolved past or simply need to work through the machinations of consciousness to be a greater Self, she is an informed, intuitive and grounded guide and companion through that sometime dark and threatening wood.

As a Gestalt Psychotherapist in advanced clinical training she is a member of UKCP & GPTI, working towards accreditation with UKCP.

When she has the time some of her dynamism is channeled into drawing and the Burlesque challenge of the Dance Pole. She has also long been involved with the renowned & eclectic Beltane Fire Society of Edinburgh.

She is a cherished friend and constant upbeat source of laughter - with her infectious irreverence and challenging, unafraid intellect, whenever she is at the Lodge she lifts everyone up. 

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