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So, can you tell us a little bit about your art? 


I am interested in a deeper exploration of the concept of ' Annoyance As Art' - by making sweeping self aggrandising statements such as: 'My Life Is My Art'.


I hope to elicit awe from the gullible and funding from the flush.

Only joking. They call me - 'Kitty The Relentlessly Hilarious'.

(...they don’t...)

Mew Sculpt 1.jpg
Mew Sculpt 2.jpg
Mew Sculpt 4.jpg
Mew Sculpt 3.jpg

But in truth, Art IS everything to me and can be found in multiple sources and expressed in multiple ways.  Although I am heavily involved in music my true loves are Visual and the Word.


Art and Literature intoxicate me. Edna St Vincent Millay, Ted Hughes & Leonard Cohen undo me. I endlessly fall out of time into a book. 

I am my own harshest critic and destroy much - I could never make a business of my talents -  if it is satisfies me enough that I am happy for it to be seen, I can never sell it because I want to look at it! 

I memorise poetry for spoken word performances; this is often performed as part of the different style music genres the Collective have nesting within it.


I write poetry erratically. I dance intoxicatingly if my focus is such. My art can be the flesh.  Apparently, I am mad as a box of frogs... but I totally rock it!

Any inspirations or projects that mean a lot to you?

Sculpture is becoming more often my default medium of choice. I like the three dimensionality of it, the tactile nature of being able to experience other aspects of a work through physical contact. I have been re-making a series of traditional Goddess images sourced from varying past civilisations, as well as forms of my own design.


I have found that the act of making these ancient icons has a meditative quality that shapes my experience of the final form more than seeing the original piece.There a numinous quality that puts this specific pan-cultural urge in perspective. It is fascinating to experience the utterly alien thought forms that shaped these resonant archetypes by reverse inhabiting their original makers creative process. 

How did you meet everyone? How long have you been involved with the group?

I am a founder member: an Ancient of Days, a Harbinger of Irritation and Source of Esoteric Mentoring. As such I am Eternal and Ineffable as a rash you can’t be rid of. No one is immune to my Godless Charm and Pelvic Sorcery.


They follow me as rats to a plague of which I am the Eternal Flea, source of High Temperatures and Delirious Bafflement.  I find myself endlessly amusing which is pretty lucky as they don’t let me out of this box much.

What does involvement with an arts group like this mean to you, to individuals like you or the local community?

Every changeling needs a cradle when it sleeps, a fairy ring to dance in and a hall under the hill to feast in.

Seriously though, I do feel that it is easier to make connections in an urban environment, and so with us being here out in the country, not in a big main town, 

Mew Art Paint2.jpg

we can be a resource or connective hub for those with art shining in their eyes or with ears longing for live music but left bereft from lack of small venues. 

What kind of people would you like to work with going forward? 

The eclectic and strange - they are more susceptible to my flashing paws and bullshit... and ‘Relentlessly Hilarious’ twisted juvenile humour...

The are talented individuals hidden everywhere that maybe don't feel ready for the wider world and want to start small in a vibrant & supportive  space.  Come to us.

Mew Art Paint1.jpg
Copper jewellery.jpg

Permanence matters to me - working in metal or concrete is very satisfying. On a smaller scale recently I have indulged in metal clay, pieces become pure metal after firing in a kiln, and I love the ancient aspects of working in copper. Here are various with solid pagan inspirations and using moonstone, malachite and pearl details. I might make you one if you pay me, but probably not!

Mew Sculpr 5.jpg

All Images: A.McGregor © 2019

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