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Dinwoodie Lodge House


DG 112SL

The Arts Collective Lodge is only 10 minutes drive from Lockerbie on the B7076 road towards Moffat.

Lodge Map.jpg

As a real stroke of luck the Moffat-Lockerbie 380 Bus drops off and collects right outside at Dinwoodie Road's End!

There is no physical bus stop. Just ask the driver to let you out or wave to stop the bus!

It is a Red & Gray building set slightly back from the road. 

It is just past the Lockerbie Lorry Park with the postcode DG11 2SL. If the Lorry Park is on your right, then we are three minutes ahead, also on your right.


Look for the arty red flags and other indications of oddness!

It used to be the Dinwoodie Lodge Hotel, but don't get too excited - we no longer offer rooms or food, however, our bar is great, the events are fun, and we have disabled access!

Closets rail station is Lockerbie.



Please remember - we are NOT open every day!
ONLY when we are holding an event!
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