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Originally founded over in France in the 1980's;

The Lodge Arts Collective is a feminine -oriented commune dedicated to the Arts, Music & an alternative lifestyle.

As a group of very long term friends we are committed to the creative process in all its aspects; the production of music, theatre, prose, poetry, fine arts and performance art. 

Having enjoyed the culturally immersive experiences & inspirations of France, America and England, our current hub is slightly off the beaten track in beautiful Scotland. The basic idea was; having been constantly in and out of each others houses and lives for so long, having shared so many projects and visions for so long, why not commit to a shared environment that was available to all and could become a semi-public face of our endeavours?

With a small core of live-in members we are are a predominantly female space; embracing a pagan,

non-hierarchical and inclusive lifestyle which fuels and flavours our lives and creations. Then there are 'the outer circle' - a beloved and like-minded bunch who live in different cities or even other countries. They arrive at the weekends or whenever they have time and jump straight back into the creative lifestyle. This place is always packed with people and energy!

Our fluid lifestyle and our social-hub ethic informs the varying arts that we forge and support. Some might say we are a peculiar bunch but we have big hearts and our fingers in many pies whilst still enjoying life!

And so; we organise and host events, we collaborate and give back. We hope to inspire and share.

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