Anna Fraser is an extraordinary woman. The rarity of finding such depths of talents combined with such an exquisitely golden character is a constant source of pleasure and delight for everyone who meets her.


She is a 'jobbing musician' and community drummer who has her sticks in many pies.


From the Tinderbox Youth Orchestra to her five bands and counting...:EbbKrow & The Electric Temple, Go To Girl, A Different Name Every Night and Mabdh & The Harlots...








She can turn her hand to many instruments including the fiddle, but is primarily a drummer and percussionist. As such, her rhythmic foundation is so attuned to the song, so casually brilliant and played seemingly without effort, that for some the only indication of her musical contribution is the astonished open mouths or bereft weeping of drummers in the audience who know intimately just how damn good she is.


Born on an enchanted, unicorn traipsed isle of the Shetlands, many's the eve when her family and friends would take time away from the toil of the fairy-dust harvest to ceilidh  long past the sunset...

 A Napier University Graduate, her musical gifts were set upon her as a wee baby Viking and honed by bloody hard work on the mainland.


Image: Jefferson Wilcox © 2015

Image: Jefferson Wilcox © 2015

Her relentless positivism and easy going nature should result in her being profoundly annoying, instead she is a bringer of joy, adored by all.


She steps in and out of music with grace & ease and brings her magic

to the Lodge. The woman is rhythm driven!

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Image: Boudicca Records © 2019