Demon Child is at once glamorous and feral, a performance sensation unlike any other. 


With lauded performances across the UK, this sword-swallowing, whip-cracking icon is a force to be reckoned with. Her wise-cracking shows blur the boundaries between cabaret, street-performance and the delightfully macabre.

After honing her public face as a popular walking tour guide on the streets of Edinburgh, her humour and uniquely twisted representation of the dark under currents of humanity had finally to be framed in her own personally authored street shows. 

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Demon Child can often be found performing on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, capturing the hearts - and quite possibly souls! - of the capital's many tourists, as well as on stage as a both a solo act, or alongside her fellow Lodge Arts Collective collaborators.

A gifted exponent of freedom of expression she uses her day to day life and her very self as canvas and living art; from body modification to alternative street theatre she is a force of nature. 

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With demonic talents and streetwise charm like this, she has to be seen to be believed. 

Keep your eyes peeled for her...