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Can you tell us a bit about your art and who you are as an artist?

I am full-time professional life and portrait model, with more than three years’ experience, who deeply loves their creativity and craft! It is a thing of pure delight to be an artist embarking on a journey; I see my modelling as a passion rather than a job and I always look forward to each class, as they are never the same.

In my time as a model, I have covered many modelling assignments from one-to-one with an individual artist, to art classes of more than eighty artists, both in taught and 


I have enjoyed working with artists of all levels of experience - from those who have never picked up a pencil, pen or brush to those who are highly proficient in their craft, including some household names!

I am fortunate to have modelled around Scotland and Europe during which time I have had the pleasure of meeting many artists and fellow models, some whom I don't doubt will be lifelong friends!

Recently, I have also begun modelling for photographic projects.

Can you say more about what inspires you or if there are any projects that are particularly important to you?


I particularly love challenges that push my boundaries physically and mentally and also provide a challenge for the artists and photographers with whom I collaborate.



How did you meet everyone? How long have you been involved with the group?


I certainly never saw my modelling career coming! Whilst I have had a varying career to date, my main background is finance!


I had hired a life model to get back into my love of art , which I had abandoned some twenty years plus previously. During our art breaks, the model and I discussed all subjects and topics and my mentioning to her that I had thought about modelling briefly many years ago, turned into her referring me to her modelling friend and artist who organised local art classes.


After some back-and-forth emailing between myself and the model organiser, I was invited to an art class to draw


untaught classes. The classes I have been involved with have included artists who use a variety of mediums - from pencils, pastels, oils and acrylics to clay-based sculpting.

I feel that it’s important to keep stimulated for the artist/photographer as well as myself and both the journey and results can be unexpectedly glorious. That said, some of the gentler poses can also be both welcome respite and just as challenging between extreme poses for both model and artist/photographer.

and to take in the atmosphere of the class, and to see what the models do. I modelled the following week and I loved it from the first moment - it was electric!!!


I found it, and still do find it, meditative, therapeutic and freeing – even when the pose is excruciating!

DAVID - LODGE 003.jpeg

What does involvement with an arts group like this mean to you, to individuals like you or the local community?

To find and be a part of The Lodge Arts Collective has literally been life changing for me. To be amongst creatives, and have the freedom to speak, share and discuss art in all its forms - sounds, visuals, scents, even tastes; as I have observed firsthand at The Lodge, food can be a most gorgeous and surprising art form covering all of ones senses – it was nothing short of mind blowing!


It is a wonderful thing to find such a rare and beautiful Collective, and to be accepted within is beyond wonderful!


What kind of people would you like to work with going forward?


I am open to working and collaborating with anyone who is

creative and professional in approach. I don’t mind working or collaborating with someone who has never picked up a pencil and drawn before, or is new to photography if their approach is personable, with a desire to create something wonderful and to enjoy that journey and experience together.  

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All Images: Gooseberry Art © 2019

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