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Rachel is an fine artist whose expertise quite simply transcends medium.

Working with wood, metal, watercolour, acrylics and more, she is inspired by the natural world around her. 

Rachel has a remarkable ability to capture the character of animals and plant-life in an almost Japanese minimalism. The spirit and haunting beauty of the wild suffuses her work.


Plants, insects, animals and the weather - we have all seen the subjects before but no one consistently exposes the sensitive depths of a subject that many present in a manner cliched or mundane.


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She gently infuses paganism into much of her work, drawing inspiration from folklore and the rich palette of the Scottish countryside around her.


Carving in wood or stone, painting or sketching the human form with the lightest and most expressive of touches; she is a well of still, calm beauty that brings precision and heart to every medium.  

She is part of The Lodge Arts Collective's in-house design team,

wholly responsible for the stunning EBB logo as seen on front of Anna's bass drum and t shirts!, as well as a videographer and providing invaluable support in creating the perfect visual complement to her friends' musical endeavours.

She does plenty of bespoke and custom work, especially of pets!   Contact her directly for commissions here:

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