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KROW & The Electric Temple

Condensed, redesigned, & revolutionised. 

Know this: Krow is a force of nature. Wether you like metal or not, just hearing her sing and watching her extraordinary energy & onstage presence is a positive, lobotomising experience, some might say spiritual and life affirming, some would say 'get me the hell out of here, she looks like she will kill me'. Contradictory yet true.


With her backing coven of eclectic characters - The Electric Temple -  Krow explodes across a stage like a female, demonised Prodigy.


KROW is a self-described, 51 year old, angry, peri-menopausal woman who states that she is ‘Ripping the world a new arsehole because she has nothing better to do with her time'. A woman needs a hobby, and her's is righteous anger.


Her sound? - imagine a primal therapy so deep it scrapes the inside of your cranium until you scream for release. Listen and define it for us.  KROW & The Electric Temple’s show hits hard and deep on an visceral level.  Captivating and absorbing as it is exhilarating and energising - the show is emotionally empowering in a cathartic sense.


Citing the likes of The ProdigyKnife PartyUnderworldTool and Skunk Anansie as her influences, her compelling ‘unhinged, enjoyably abrasive energy’ and rich rock-operatic vocal style perfectly completes the entire experience.  


KROW bids you bear witness to a whole new kind of Aural Hedonism & NoiseTerror...

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