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A Life Drink & Draw session is one of social comfort and unconventional creativity for any level of artist.

The idea is simple: we provide a model and materials, you turn up and give drawing a go...

Everyone has a hidden artist buried within! 


Well, alright, maybe some are just buried deeper than others and require some psychological lubricant to emerge - which is why we have the Licensed Bar running at the same time. 

Drink& Draw merged.jpg
Sketching Materials

So, come for the atmosphere or come up with a masterpiece. Scribble with a crayon if you feel like it, bring your personal preferred paints if you fancy. There is no judgement and no pressure, if you just want to sit and watch you can do so.

In the winter we will be indoors in the eclectically decorated bar we like to call 'The Hand Of Glory, but when the weather turns warm next year then we plan on gin cocktails on the lawn and a scattering of painters and

sketchers, glass in one hand, pencil in the other, gazes fixed upon a happily posing Life Model. 

Don't wait for Spring, check the dates now and come along and be welcome!

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