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Pinky has a deep and eternal river of love that flows through her heart. She truly believes in the good in every person and the function that food has in nurturing not just the body, but the spirit.
She has been a singer and guitarist in a rock band, is an Eternal Earth Mother and is now entering into her very own fiery future, cooking and creating henna art.

Her mobile catering stall is based in East Anglia, but as an Art Collective collaborator, affiliate and dear friend; her soul is happily shared between her joy in her children, her love of the sensual life and a small but vital part that lives up with us! 

Her food is zen-like in it's simplicity. In the Indian subcontinent and all over Asia, Mung Beans are transformed into dishes both sweet and savoury, a huge variety of offerings and creations. However, Pinky’s food is wholly Gujarati influenced and inspired - her vegan Mung Bean Dahl with rice being an extremely traditional meal.


Anyone who has ever nestled their hands round a cup of soup on a traumatic day can well imagine the ‘warm blanket wrapped around the psyche’ feeling that her Indian soul food gives!
She runs her stalls at festivals and gatherings, which suits her freedom and adventure loving heart, and although she is based down South, she is willing to travel further afield so feel free to contact her for your purpose. She will certainly be serving plates of happiness at some future point at an event at the Lodge.

She has recently expanded her festival and other event offerings to include her exceptional traditional and not so traditional mehandi henna tattoos. Having her beautiful, delicate patterns displayed on the living form is a joy to watch and have done!

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All Images: Aparna Patel © 2019

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