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Suna Dasi is a passionate geek with a pen and is the fount of cross cultural appreciation that is gathered together under the heading of Steampunk India. 

As a Steampunk aficionado, Suna Dasi found herself wishing for more roles occupied by women in the fiction she read: women who were less hampered by the framework of the society damsel which is often so popular with Steampunk practitioners.

Her Indian heritage also sparked a desire to see Indian women break out of their mother-of-pearl cages  and into Steampunk adventures.



Suna's  Steampunk milieu is an alternative Victorian, Post-Mutiny India incorporating native characters unhampered by traditional gender roles. She is working on her poetry collection and her first novel, and collaborates with Photographic Artists to express the unique and and multifaceted world of steampunk through photographs and costumed performances.

She has contributed fiction to The Clockwork Watch Transmedia Project, The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrence's spin-off anthology series Tales From the Archives, the short story collection Steampunk Universe published by Alliteration Ink, plus non-fiction to Jeff VanderMeer's Steampunk User's Manual, Sci-FI Romance Quarterly, Brown Girl Magazine, the Sci-Fi Fantasy Network and other publications.

She was Nominated for a BSFA Award in the Short Fiction category in 2017 for her story Unmade in Steampunk Writers Around The World - Vol I, published by Luna Press Publishing.


 Suna was also a co-founder of film company Art Attack Films - the videographic side of the Art Collective.  Her experience as a woman in the creative industries also led her to co-found PandoraFest: Scotland's first female-focused music festival.

She has a stage background, having studied theatre and dance in The Netherlands, but eventually her voice won out over her other skills and her profession as a singer has taken her all over the world, although she also works as a narration artist for various projects which can be found through her tweets. She is always up for doing more!

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